Working Dog Warrant of Fitness

The team at Murrays Veterinary Clinic understand the important role and significant contribution working dogs make in the farming and leisure sector within New Zealand.

NZ working dogs require physical fitness, endurance and good health to carry out their varied duties.

It is extremely important to keep these four-legged employees in peak condition so they can lead long and productive lives. The average working life is approximately 8 years.

The loss of a working dog through accident, illness or injury can not only be costly but inconvenient.

The benefits of reducing potential illness and injury, as well as increasing the working dogs' career are obvious.  Unlike us, they can’t tell us how they feel, so scheduled and timely check-ups are a great way to help keep your working dog working.  Working Dog WoF is a simple and cost-effective way to safeguard the health of your dog.

Working Dog WoF is a comprehensive, proactive health programme, helping you to:

  • Prevent disease
  • Detect and identify health issues early before they become serious
  • Maintain healthy dogs through schedule check-ups and procedures


Working Dog WoF Inclusions[1]

Annual Vaccination

  • Routine, annual vaccinations[2] as recommend by our Vets within the WoF membership period

 Parasite Prevention

  • Registration through VetServe for worming control (Drontal Plus and Droncit) automatically sent monthly, direct to your postal address


  • A free annual veterinary consultation with a Murrays Veterinary Clinic Vet[3]

 Dental care

  • Free Dental Check by vet or vet nurse[4]
  • Save 10% off dental procedures[5]

Health Check

  • Free annual Health Check and Advice[6]
  • Housing Advice
  • Body scoring
  • Opportunity for on-farm visit with Black Hawk farm rep


  • Special pricing for 20kg Black Hawk Working Dog and Puppy 20kg bags. [7]
  • Access to special promotions run by Black Hawk, may include opportunity for on-farm visit with Black Hawk farm rep
  • Nutritional advice and weight management

1As advised by Vet, see Terms & Condition’s for further details
2Includes annual vaccinations as recommend my MVC vets, excludes export vaccinations
3Excludes public holidays, after hours, house call surcharge, behaviour and specialist consultations & procedures
4This consultation can be with either a vet or vet nurse
5Dental discount is only valid one per dog per membership
6With an appointment with a vet nurse and may be completed at the same time as vaccination, excludes public holidays, after hours, house call surcharge, behaviour and specialist consultations & procedures

75% discount when buying one bag at a time, banding pricing for bulk bag purchases

Does your dog need a WOF?

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