All our Veterinarians are mixed animal practitioners, so they can all help you with your equine needs! Including the care of Donkeys. Several of our Veterinary Nurses own horses and participate in hunts and eventing so they are handy for any questions you may have too.

Our range of equine services include:

  • Vaccination regime, including tetanus, strangles; equine Herpes Viruses, Salmonella
  • Internal and external Parasite control programmes, including faecal egg testing
  • Manual rasping of teeth
  • Hoof and lameness care
  • Foal branding
  • Insurance Certification
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Castration
  • Trace element blood testing and other blood work

I am overjoyed at the service I have received from Donald, Jonathon, and Gen. My horse went down on the road rupturing both knee capsules and his eye socket, at the time it looked terminal. We discussed prognosis and decided to go ahead so they worked on him for about 2 hours cleaning, suturing and bandaging and now 5 weeks later his bandages are off, his eye you wouldn't know was ever injured, and his knees look amazing, thank you so much. We had some drama with him along the way with keeping bandages on and other panics, but they were amazing and have saved my boy. Thank you all so much.

Sarah Hexamer