Working Dog WoF™ is here!

3 months ago

Working Dog WoF™

has been launched at Murrays Veterinary Clinic!


Launch offer!

Those who subscribe before the 21st of December will go in the draw to win a Heller's ham! Perfect to take for Christmas dinner and leftovers in a sandwich out on the hill after a big morning!


So, what is Working Dog WoF™?

The team at Murrays Veterinary Clinic understand the role Working Dogs play and the expectations required of them.

Our dogs are a valued staff member who like to be told what to do, always show up to work and are never late. They are willing to put in the hard yards just to please you, and never ask for a pay raise for it!


Therefore, we have created the Working Dog WoF; a proactive, preventative health programme for farm and hunting dogs.


The Working Dog WoF™ programme is an annual subscription, it will provide you discounts and exclusive offers for all of your Working and Hunting Dogs whether you have 1 or 10.

Working Dogs are a valuable asset (the average team worth $30,000) so, enable them to perform at their peak and recover fast after work and injury by providing them with the best nutrition, housing and healthcare.


So, why wouldn’t you provide them with the best health care to keep your four-legged workers performing at their best?