LLoyd Smith Training Day

26 days ago

Do you have a working dog that needs some help? 

This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to train your working dog(s), talk with a vet about nutrition, working dog health, wellbeing and first aid.

Lloyd Smith is one of New Zealand’s best-known and consistent sheep dog trialists.  He is also a proven and highly respected sheep dog trainer, who has developed a training method that many shepherds and farmers now use and get excellent results from.

The priority for Lloyd is to train good dogs for basic farm work.  Dog trialling is a natural progression if the trainer so wishes and the dog shows they have the ability and temperament required.  He started attending New Zealand and North and South Island sheep dog trial championships in 1982 and has been placed 47 times, including winning five New Zealand titles and five South and North Island titles.  He has also been selected twice for the New Zealand Test Team competing against Australia.  These results have all been gained with dogs that Lloyd has trained himself.

Lloyd acknowledges there are several ways to train sheep dogs and his system is simply one way.  Feedback from people from numerous training days clearly shows that Lloyds programme works and is very successful.  Lloyds method is based on three main principles.

1. Doing the basics well.

2. Maintaining discipline by insisting on good manners.

3. Stage-by-stage progression through to a fully broken-in working dog.

This hands-on event is a fantastic opportunity to learn from Lloyd to sort out any issues you might be having with your working dog.

(Please note that if you are bringing your own dog to the day you must provide proof of hydatids worm treatment and vaccination).


Reference: (https://puppentopaddock.co.nz/about-lloyd.html)