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28 days ago



January 2022



Murrays Veterinary Clinic will be changing our 7pm evening walk-in “Open Clinics” and transitioning to booked appointments between the hours of 5pm and 7pm, Monday through to Thursday evenings.


5pm-7pm booked appointments will become effective from January 5th, 2022.

7pm evening walk-in “Open Clinics” will be discontinued from 27 January 2022.


Some of the reasons behind this change of hours are:

-         We want to reduce waiting times for clients and their pet(s)

-         We can better manage our staffing levels to service clients requiring                evening appointments

-         Covid-19 requirements


Appointment bookings can be made online via our webpage or Facebook, or phone the clinic (03 489 5540).


There will be no change to morning, Monday through to Friday 9am-10am “Open Clinics”.