As the temperature drops, the mice make their way inside!

9 months ago

Tis' the season for mice and rats to start making their way inside, seeking warmth and food. How you manage rodent control can be the dangerous part for your pets and children!

We treated several dogs last month after they ingested mouse/rat bait, that was laid to control rodent infestations.

Ingestion of rat/ mouse bait is deadly for your pet, if you are suspicious please contact your vet and get to the clinic asap as we can make them vomit for the first 20min and provide anti-toxin treatment. Phone Murrays Veterinary Clinic on 03 489 5540.


What are some of the symptoms of bait poisoning?

- Pale gums, lethargic, blood in urine and faeces, bruising, continuous bleeding from nose or from cuts. This is all due to the poison used in the bait being an anticoagulant, meaning it prevents the blood from clotting. Be very careful transporting your pet to the vet as a simple bump can cause bleeding.


What else can you do reduce the likelihood of the pitter patter of mouse feet invading your home?

- Patch up any holes in the exterior of the building so mice and rats don't have an easy access to the interior. A rat can squeeze through a gap the size of a man's thumb and a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a small finger!

- Ultrasonic repellers. These devices emit a high-frequency sound that rodents dislike to encourage them to go elsewhere. The sound can't be heard by humans

- Before laying traps and baits, Call for help and advice! Baits are dangerous if ingested and traps tricky. Remember Pure Services Otago who attended our 2017 Lifestyle Farm Expo? They have pet and child safe bait stations they can place at your home and/or business. We recommend calling them on 0800 478 216 or check out their website