Vet Nurse Care Clinics

We offer a variety of care clinics held by our qualified veterinary nurses throughout the year. Keep an eye out for promotions on our Facebook page, or call the clinic if you wish to arrange an appointment with a veterinary nurse.

Please know, you do not have to wait until we run a promotion if you wish to make an appointment to see a vet or vet nurse in regards to any of the following.
Here are some of the care clinics we offer :
Dental Checks

They are a great opportunity to have your pets mouth checked for free by a vet nurse, get some great advice about preventative care and take advantage of discounts and promotions during dental months. If your pet requires dental surgery, we can make a booking at this time.

Senior Pet Check

We give your pet a general health check including a dental check. Blood samples can be taken and tested with our in-house blood machines. Depending on what we find after your pets check over, we can provide comfort and support in the form of diet, supplements to aid mobility, advise on exercise and when we would recommend seeing a vet.

Nutrition Advice

We have a full range of veterinary diets available, with multiple options to cater for preference of brand, cost and bag size. Our veterinary nurses will work in conjunction with our vets if your pet has a pre-existing condition to best advise you on the correct diet.

Arthritis Care

We can offeradvise on managing your pets arthritis so to provide them some relief and comfort. We provide this through diet changes, weight management support, natural supplement tablets, advise on exercise and environment changes.

Our nurse will let you know when they need to refer you to a vet.

Weight Loss Support

When your pet is a bit podgy, it can be difficult getting them to a healthy weight. We can arrange appointments for nutrition, weigh-ins and can create a tailored weight loss plan for your pet to get them to their target weight.