Clinic History

Over 50 years ago my father, Jim Murray, and my grandfather, RobertStanniford, worked side by side to convert what were hen houses and a black Smith forge into a veterinary surgery, waiting room and an office, these premises at 10 Dukes Road South Mosgiel, became known as JE Murray & Associates Veterinary Clinic.

In 1996 I returned from Australia with my wife, Margie and our children. In 2004 we renamed ourselves Murrays Veterinary Clinic, where the process of planning and designing a purpose built veterinary clinic began. Following consultation with family members, who are also vets, the new clinic plans started to take shape. Construction of the new clinic started in late 2010, with the demolition of the ' old barn' to make room for the 'new barn'. Although the exterior of the new barn went up fairly quickly in the internal construction took several months due to speciality nature of the internal requirements we wanted in the practice, the building was finally completed in November 2011. We shifted into the building in December 2011. Some of the special features of the clinic include separate cat and dog wards; full operating theatre; preparation areas; dental area, consult rooms and the family room. The clinic has been designed for both clients and animals.

Since building the new clinic we have expanded the business to include our own cremation service – Open Plains and animal grooming facility – K9 Chic. In December 2013 we welcomed mixed animal veterinarian Sally Willox to the practice.