What are Murrays Veterinary Clinics’ consultation hours?

We hold Open Consultation Clinic hours. During these times clients are able to arrive with their pet(s) without making an appointment, our vets will see people in the order they arrive.

These times are Monday through to Friday between 9am and 10am and in the evening Monday through to Thursdays between 7pm and 7.30pm.

We recommend calling the clinic if you wish to make an appointment during the day.

Are you available for emergencies?

During the day the phones are answered by qualified veterinary nurses who can provide first aid advice prior to your arrival at the clinic.

Outside of work hours, our phones are transferred to the on-call vet who will respond to emergency calls and messages.

Will the vet come to my property to see my farm animals (e.g. sheep, cattle, alpaca), or do I need to bring them to the clinic?

You are welcome to make an appointment and bring your animal(s) to us, but not everyone has a trailer or car they would want put their sheep in! In this case, you can make an appointment for our vets to visit your lifestyle property or farm.

AND I ONLY HAVE A FW SHEEP OR CATTLE, do I have to buy a full box of vaccine and drench?

We can assist you with all your drenching and vaccination requirements where ever possible,
Give us a call before you come into the clinic so we can confirm we have the products you need and have the prepared for dispensing.

How long does my puppy or kitten need to be on puppy or kitten food?

Kittens should be fed a premium kitten diet until 12months old.

For puppies it depends on the breed, minimum of 12months up to 24months for giant breeds to ensure even growth.

Do I need to pay at the time?

We require payment at time of consultation, unless prior arrangement has been made with our accounts staff. You can apply for a Q card.