Production Animals & Equine

Having two experienced mixed animal veterinarians, we are able to support and advise on herd management, seasonal testing, vaccinating,drenching and farm consultations.

Production animals & Equine

This is just a few of the services and support we can provide, call us to discuss your farms needs further

Flock Management
Scabby Mouth
Pink Eye
Seasonal Vaccinating Such as Toxo, Campy, Flexidine, pre-Lambing and post-Lambing Vaccinations
BrucellaOvis Blood Testing and Palpation


Herd Management
Herd Blood Testing e.g. Johnes, BVD
Lepto Vaccinating
Herd Management

Dairy Cows

Herd Management
Metabolic Disorders
Mastitis Treatment
Reproduction Process
Dry Cow Therapy
Somatic Cell Counts


Supervisory and Auditory Visits


Blood Testing
Pregnancy Testing
Colic and Choke Treatment

General Care and Advice

Vaccinating and Drenching Advice
Calendar planner for the year made in consultation with our large animal vet nurse and vets
Lab testing in-house and externally e.g. faecal egg counts, scour tests, blood testing