Murrays Veterinary Clinic
K9 Chic offers full grooming service; you don’t have to be a client of Murrays Veterinary Clinic to use our grooming service. While at the groomers your beloved companion will receive a full vet nurse health check every time and can visit our vets to receive their vaccinations, worm and flea treatment. Saving you precious time in making several trips to have your companion health checked.
K9 Chic tidy up

Invigorating wash in our bath with Shampoo and conditioner, trim of the face, feet, tail and bottom – perfect for maintaining a matt free coat through the winter and in-between clips. No clipping of the body.

K9 Chic Seddicure

A package where an intense brushing and combing service is used to remove excess undercoat and dead loose shedding hair without having to clip the coat. This also includes a bath and dry

Beach Wash

An intensive hydro clean to remove sand and grit from the coat.

Conditioning Treatment

Deep Coat Condition and Shine treatments include wash and blow dry.

K9 Chic Style Cut

Each patient is monitored attentively throughout their anaesthesia/ surgical procedure by our qualified veterinary nurses, using advanced monitoring equipment in our surgery theatre.

Medicated Bath

Medicated shampoo as prescribed by your veterinarian will assist in smoothing/repairing damaged skin. The medicated shampoos used are ideal for cats and dogs with hot spots.

Assisting in cleaning scabs, crusts and purulent material associated with skin conditions.

Hygiene Clip

Includes clipping of the hair around paws, trim feet, clip around tummy, bottom and trim eyes (no bath).