Companion Animals

We offer a wide range of services to all kinds of animals whether they are a dog, cat or rabbit. We have full medical and surgical facilities, as well as after hour’s emergency care for all animals.

Our staff are more than happy to offer advice and answer your questions to ensure your pet’s needs, either large or small, are met.
Emergency Care

We provide emergency care 24/7 to all our clients, our vets are on call outside our normal working hours. Please phone 03 489 5540.


Each patient is monitored attentively throughout their anaesthesia/ surgical procedure by our qualified veterinary nurses, using advanced monitoring equipment in our surgery theatre.

After surgery, patients are transferred into the temperature controlled, species specific (no noisy dogs in with cats!) hospital wards where they continue to be monitored by all our team during their recovery.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Call us to make an appointment to see one of our veterinarians in regards to orthopaedic surgery your pet may require. We offer a range of orthopaedic services including cruciate repairs.


Full dental services are available and advice from our staff about preventative dental care. Our veterinary nurses are available by appointment if you wish to receive some free training on how to brush your pets’ teeth or if you need some advice on what the best option would be to reduce dental disease.

Skin Conditions

Both our vets Donald and Sally have an interest in dermatological cases. They can do skin scrapings while in the consultation and look at it under our microscope so to diagnose, treat your pet’s condition and save you time.

We have a variety of skin diets available at the clinic if your pet suffers from food allergies or has sensitive skin, so pop in and have a chat with our staff what one your pet may benefit from most.


Annual vaccinations and health check-ups are a large part of the preventative healthcare we provide at Murrays Veterinary Clinic. Not only do we have core routine vaccines available for both cats and dogs (e.g. feline panleucopenia, feline upper respiratory tract infections, canine parvovirus and kennel cough), we also have optional vaccines such as FIV which is highly prevalent in the Taieri area.

Worming Programme

Take the hassle out of trying to remember when to worm and flea your pet, join our free Murrays Veterinary Clinic membership worming programme and receive all your worming and flea treatment in the mail. We have a range of flea and/ or worm products available for cats and dogs.

Puppy Preschool

Do you have a new family member? A rebellious dog or one that just won’t follow your instructions? Enrol in one of our Puppy Preschool classes taken by our vet nurse Sarah.

Nutritional Advice

We stock a variety of vet exclusive diets for all life stages and therapy diets for health conditions. Our team can discuss with you the best diet for your pet and offer support for those animals needing weight management.


We are able to microchip your pet during our open consultation hours, it only takes a moment. We take care of the paperwork and send it to Dunedin City Council on your behalf.

If you travel out of Dunedin with your pet, we can register your pet for a small fee with the NZ Companion Animal Register. It ensures if your pet is lost anywhere in NZ that they can be reunited with you.

K9 Chic

Our K9 Chic groomers can get your dog looking perfect, whether they require a thorough wash and brush or a full groom. We recommend that cats are groomed by our clinic staff as they generally require sedation. You can call the clinic to book an appointment for any of our grooming services.

Family Room

It is really hard to say farewell to a loved family member and saying farewell to your animal companion is no different. Murrays Veterinary Clinic recognises this time of grief and offers you the opportunity to say good-bye in your own way, time and with dignity in our family room.

Open Plains Pet Cremations

Please talk to staff about our cremation services, we have our urn selection on display in the Family Room.


We offer a full range of premium food, prescription diets, toys and accessories for companion animals. Talk to our staff, they are here to help you with the right advice to ensure your pets needs are meet.